Private Label Artisan Ice Cream Rolls in Osprey

Fresh Daily

Nothing previously frozen in plastic bags or scooped out of cardboard buckets.


No commercial stabilizers, emulsifiers, or preservatives

More Flavor....Less Guilt!

Ice cream just isn’t made fresh with natural ingredients like it was with the old hand crank ice cream makers.

Now ice cream is served out of plastic bags of commercial slurry run through a machine, frozen brew scooped out of paper buckets, or cardboard cartons of a below par frozen mixture from the grocery store. Do you know what you are really getting?

We serve you old-fashioned ice cream that's made from scratch without all that commercial processing, packaging, or junk in it.

Fresh and Natural does taste better....and the ice cream is only 130 calories per serving.


We also serve some of the finest, freshest, organic cold brewed iced teas and tea drinks.


Bubble Tea, Milk Tea, Taro and Honey Dew Smoothie

157 N. Tamiami Trail    Osprey, FL

Sunday-Thursday 1:00 to 8:00                       Friday & Saturday 1:00 to 9:00

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